Awareness is light. The simple act of noticing an emotion, thought, or habitual reaction is enough to transform it from something that controls you to something that does not. Lets say you get angry when you are cut off while driving. Then you begin to notice, observe, and witness your reaction. You mentally take a […]

Passing By

Sometimes people say they feel like time is passing them by; that their life is moving without their enjoying or participating in it. Yet it is we who are not giving attention to the parts of life that make us feel alive and causing this perception. Humans created the concept of time to give us […]


We know time is relative, in this way it is mailable, but that doesn’t mean we can get it to conform to our will. It is the modern way to try to get more and more done in less and less time.  It’s not time that creates pressure but the attempt to put more into […]