Universal Temple

A friend of mine, a retired Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhist priest, once told me that he observed the great one’s consider the whole universe to be their temple, and that is why they did not practice or preach within four walls. He said if you consider the whole universe to be your temple, who is […]


During college I had a professor of Christianity of German descent who said the for the first nine years if his life, he was a Nazi. He later bece a priest but left because of some conflicting beliefs one of which was that women should be allowed to be priest. He told us a story […]

Profit See

Naturally people see psychics to get a glimpse of the future in order to alleviate anxiety, but realistically it rarely works. Whether the prophecy is good or bad anxiety never really leaves. Instead it hovers like pollen in the air, subtly agitating their hearts, until the foreseen event does or doesn’t happen. Intellectual knowledge, which […]


It used to bother me. Why did Jesus kill the fig tree? Why didn’t he heal it? He healed so many other ailments and problems, but a simple little fig tree gets the ax? I felt silly giving it so much energy and thought, but hey, it bothered me. So I prayed and meditated on […]