Not Yours

If someone lies to you That’s their karma If someone cheats you That’s their karma If someone abuses you That’s their karma If you are able to detach And acknowledge That’s their karma, You will be unharmed

Becoming Love

“To the extent another being is open, when I meet them, there’s harmonic resonance with where they also exist as love-not that they are loving but they are love. Suddenly here we are in the ocean of love, which is what Christ’s love is about. This love isn’t possessive. We can’t collect it. We can […]

Warm Heart Magic

I recently scheduled three meetings in separate locations too close together for me to make each one on time.  One was in Aiea which a town close to my home, a Skype session at home for a woman in Japan, and two readings in down town Honolulu.  At first I panicked wondering how I was […]