A Simple Faith

A simple faith is trusting the heart knows how to love. The heart knows how to love for the sake of love and not for want or reward. To love for love, joyfully, like a child wanting to wash dishes with a parent even when the child can barely lift the dish; this is the […]

2013 Christmas Blessing

To prevent and relieve pain and suffering, love is the most important way. Love so blind that it could lead one into the arms of persecutors and crucifiers and forgive them. When forgiveness come to the heart, no reason is satisfactory, and more importantly, no reason is necessary. This realization is the Christmas blessing I […]

The Miracle of Love

In Tibet there are many stories about sublime beings, highly accomplished masters, who did things like left their hand print in stone, or left their hand prints for a long time on the top of a body of water.  And these types of feats are usually described as miracles.  But really they’re not miracles, they’re […]