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One day a guy came in for a reading and before we began he asked me how accurate I was. I giggled and asked, “So you think accuracy is important?” to which he told me he thought accuracy was very important. So I gave him the following scenarios.

Scenario one; we are in a car together, I the passenger, and you the driver. I turn to you and say that we will be in a car accident, and it happens. Wow! That’s so cool! You’re so accurate! Not! Not cool.

Scenario two; I’m your passenger and you’re driving, instead this time I tell you to get in the next lane to avoid a car accident, and nothing happens. Was I accurate? Hard to tell. But which would you prefer?

Many people want accuracy in a reading. They naturally think accurate information will protect or prepare them, but as the above scenario shows, accuracy can lead to harm, especially when the receiver of bad news does not have the ability to avoid or deal with it. On the other hand, when harm is avoided, how do you judge accuracy? Many of the psychic readers I know do the work to help people avoid harm, which leaves us open to doubt, because nothing happens.

The human survival mechanism strongly implores us to be on the look out for potential threats, so it is natural for most people to ask about up coming danger in a reading; this is what I call a Reactive Reading. In a Reactive Reading you are told about a potential problem that may happen in the future to which you prepare to react to. Most people will say they are preparing, and therefore are not reacting, but responding. Yet in the moment you hear of a potential threat your preparation is a reaction to an event that hasn’t, and may never happen, rather than a response to an actual threat.

I prefer to give what I call Proactive Readings. In a Proactive Reading you are given information and actionable strategies to completely avoid a problem or threat. Rather than dealing with an unfavorable event you take action so the event never happens. You do this by replacing the negative potential event with a positive actual event. Here you learn the art of karma control.

Once during a short 15 minute reading I flooded a young girl with information about how to change her future. When the timer went off she frowned. “What’s the matter?” I asked, “I didn’t give you what you wanted?” “I thought you were going to tell me my future,” she replied. Suddenly my mind was flooded and I quickly spewed out her current path. I was looking down trying to listen and give what I was getting, and when the information stopped I looked up and was surprised to see that she was crying. “Is that the future you want?” Flew out of my mouth. She shook her head, a silent no, “Then you need to remember everything I told you.”

That reading bothered me for a long time afterward. Why did it play out like that? Wasn’t there a kinder way to deliver the message? Some say that readings happen the way they are meant to, but sometimes that is a cop-out for a reader not having experience or a limited skill-set. After much contemplation I came to realize that I had often done the same thing, automatically switching to a more positive future path and reading that, instead of the current path the person was on. I needed to be clear about what and how I deliver information. So now I give my clients views of the current and best-case paths.

Desiring accuracy to alleviate fears is a natural human desire, but hopefully now you can see that it is not the most effective use of a psychic reading.

Encountering Angels

Encountering Angels

I used to be on the fence about angels but a few encounters changed my mind and opened my heart.

The first encounter that could be considered angelic was during a meeting at an outdoor cafe. A vice-president of a large spa company in Tokyo wanted me to teach lomilomi to her company. Even though many lomilomi teachers and practitioners had told me I was doing lomilomi my training was in Swedish. Out of respect I could not conceive of calling myself a lomilomi practitioner much less a teacher. Not knowing what to do I prayed, God if you want me to go to Japan to teach send me a sign. As I opened my eyes a white feather slowly drifted down and landed in the middle of the table. I looked around to see if there were any birds overhead but there wasn’t. I agreed to teach at that moment.

Another significant occasion was the first time I went to Japan to do psychic readings. The first session had gone well dispelling my initial nervousness about doing readings in a foreign country. I don’t know why I was nervous, it’s not like I haven’t read Japanese people before. Also, I have complete faith that whoever I am reading is there because a Higher Power arranged it and I am the perfect messenger for that person at that moment.

The second client enters and as she is settling down my host/translator leaned over to me and whispered, “I told them you are doing Guardian Angel readings, so could you please give them messages from their angels?” “What?!?” I thought to myself, I don’t do Guardian Angel readings! flashed through my head, but then I thought, “God brought me here so what the hell, I’ll give it a shot.” Not really expecting anything I mentally asked, “Is there an Angel here to give a message to this woman?” A warm soft light began to fill the room next me and the client. Out of the light an energy appeared in the shape of a person in light robes and an extended aura that looked like wings. The Being felt very warm and compassionate. I completely relaxed. I asked, “Who are you,” giggling and giving me a slight duh?! feeling the Being said, “I am her Guardian Angel.” I really wasn’t sure what to think so I just gave the client the messages the Angel asked me to convey. The shocked client asked how I knew what I was telling her. A little shocked myself I said her Angel told me. Every reading thereafter went the same way. From then on I was no longer on the fence.

My third significant encounter with Angels was through a client. I was in Japan during the Great Japan Earthquake of 3/11. I had readings scheduled after the earthquake, but expected most of the clients not to show. Much to my surprise nearly all, but two, kept their appointments, and two on the waiting list filled their spots. One client shared with me that the night before the earthquake she went outside to look at the sky a saw that it was filled with Angels. The sight didn’t make sense to her at the time, but of course the next day after hearing of the tsunami she understood the Angels were preparing to greet and guide all of those who died to heaven.

Since then, because I am aware and accept the existence of Angels without question. There is no doubt in my heart and mind that there are Angels and they do help us upon request. I frequently get help and communicate with Angels, but so can you.

There are all kinds of elaborate meditations for angel communication, but in my experience they not necessary. All you need do is ask for your Angel to communicate to you in a way you will understand, then be expectant, open, and aware that communication is happening. I say is happening because you began a dialogue. Let them help you understand the way you most easily get spiritual messages. Some people are feelers, some hear, some get images, some hear songs, get their message in the passages of a book, or have something said to them by a friend or even stranger, just be open and aware. Angels are there to help, but we need to give them permission. Asking is not petitioning it is giving permission. Use your free will and experience the joy of angelic support.