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I have done hundreds, maybe thousands, I’ve never kept count, of blessings and I can tell you from experience that ghosts have less power than humans. The only advantage a ghost has is that we can’t see them which gives them the ability to work with our fear. Ghosts live on the energy of human emotion. This is why ghosts are portrayed as either trying to scare or anger people in movies. Although Hollywood presents a watered down version of the truth, it is not completely wrong, since ghost do feed on our energy and they do prefer to feed on the lower vibrations of fear and anger since that is the frequency closest to their own.

Never be afraid of ghosts. If you feel or sense fear, stop a moment and ask yourself if it is your fear or is the ghost either scared or projecting fear. Usually it’s the later. As spirit beings ghosts must obey free will. I’m not afraid of anything in the spirit world, if any thing, I fear humans because humans don’t need to obey free will. Think about it, if you tell God to leave you alone, God will leave you alone because of the power of free will. This applies to every spirit being at any level of existence including demons and the Devil. My qigong master once had to do an exorcism on a man. My master doesn’t like to speak of it, but he did mention that the reason the man got possessed in the first place was because the man had a weak mind. My master believes that if your mind is strong then spirits cannot harm you. So even if you don’t believe in a God then know that spirit beings cannot control or harm you without your consent or participation on some level.

Getting rid of ghosts is another thing. It is possible to send them out of your home, or your environment, but then where do they go? When I do a blessing the ghost is sent to heaven. The Hawaiian chant a kahuna taught me calls for the union of heaven and earth and for the spirit to go to heaven through that connection. Technically heaven and earth are not separate, but they are divided by awareness. Spirits are not allowed to stay in the ghost plane. This is the kindest way to deal with a lost soul.

It does take a certain amount of focus or power to perform a blessing this way so I don’t recommend it unless you are very confident. Most people think waving sage or splashing salt water will get rid of a ghosts, but the reality is those things usually just send them out of the space which leaves them to haunt another space and the people there. Sometimes they get stronger from your attempts to get rid of them by eating the energy you are expending. In the old days many believed that if you swear at a ghost it will leave you alone, but leave you alone is not the same as go away. Lately swearing at a ghost isn’t working. I believe this is because in the past people did not regularly swear so cursing took a lot of energy. Today swearing a just part of everyday conversation and so very little power is expended to do so. It is an expression of power that is important in getting a spirit to back off but it takes training to be able to send them away. Of course if you have strong ancestral, or divine, support you might be able to get away with it. I’ve advised people I sensed capable to perform their own cleansing, but never someone not ready. Teaching someone not ready could get them hurt. I’ve had a good number of clients see me simply because they “have tried everything” and the ghost either stays or gets stronger.

Throwing salt over your shoulder does still seem to prevent spirits and ghost from following you home. See how strange it all is? A ghost is a spirit being and yet it follows people, rides in cars, boats, trains, and planes. Very few ghosts even realize they are capable of traveling with a thought. Their consciousness is so stuck that they aren’t even aware of their spirit nature.

Not all ghostly apparitions are lost souls, some are just stuck patterns of energy. Highly charged emotional events like war, murder, or massacre can leave imprints on the energy of a space or place. These appear as repetitive visions or sounds, like screams, at the same time and place. I’ve not had to deal with one of those and I suspect I never will since they usually become tourist attractions or part of a communities mystique. Even if I was asked I’m not one hundred confident I would be successful. The reason being if the energy pattern is strong in the minds of many people, that strength of belief is very powerful and can be difficult to break because the collective consciousness supports the pattern. But I would be game to try. 🙂

I’ve heard people say too often that the ghost they have is not bad. All ghosts are bad simply because they feed on human energy. A nice ghost may not feel like its harming you, but it is. Slowly, creepily, even a seemingly nice ghost is draining you or a member of your family. So don’t fall into the notion that just because you can feel a ghost and it is not causing trouble that either you have a handle on it or it’s some form of Casper the Friendly Ghost, that is only the movies and cartoons. Real ghosts are in need of help not enabling. If you have a ghost issue get a qualified priest, reverend, kahu, pastor, spiritual practitioner, or the appropriate training to deal with the situation.

Ghosts are not deceased relatives unless that relative is stuck. Once a person has crossed over they are not classified as ghosts. Remember ghosts are stuck and haven’t transitioned yet. Crossed over relatives are able to communicate with you and may even appear to you. I think its rare for a crossed over soul to be able to sit on your bed, move objects, or play with electronics. This more tangible form of communication usually occurs before they cross over like when they are waiting for their funeral to happen. Once they cross over you can sense them and you can feel them with your aura or heart, but rarely will it feel like someone stroking your arm. Deceased relatives are able to do things like have a familiar song play on the radio, or appear as rainbows or birds. They can even have objects placed where you can see them by having others make “mistakes”. If you are highly sensitive and with some degree of medium ability, you may experience crossed over souls in a very tangible way, but the communication will probably still be taking place in your heart and mind rather than around you.
The spirit world is a vast and complex place. Like the physical world there are many different places and ways of being similar to the way there are many different countries and cultures here. Like traveling the earth explore with an intelligent and wise eye and you will be safe and have a good time. Explore your soul and all its gifts for doing so makes this life richter and fuller.