The Giving Experiment Day 2

My wife and I took friends from out of town to Target. The women were in power shopping mold. Mindful of the giving experiment I strolled around ready to give be it a smile, compliment, aid, or even a pause to let someone in a rush be on their way, when I found myself wondering […]

The Giving Experiment

“Remember to give every person more than you take.” – Earl Nightingale Barnes and Noble was having a book drive to give children in need books for Christmas. To further offset the negative feeling about the ten dollars received for the books I sold I took out the ten dollars and donated a book to […]

Heaven and Earth Meditation

Place your attention on your center four finger widths directly below your belly button and take slow deep breaths for 5 minutes. As you breathe notice any pain or tension in your body. For the next 5 minutes inhale shifting your attention to the center of the earth and as you exhale return your attention […]