Careful What You Ask For

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She began talking about her life as soon as we shook hands. Silently, I asked my spirit guides if I should stop her. No, let her talk. At one point about half way through she mentioned a man had asked her to marry. She declined since he wasn’t her type. When she finally stopped she […]

Overly Controlling

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The young woman pounded her fist on the table and asked, “How do I fix my relationship!” A bit amused I asked, “Are you going to do this all by yourself.” Without hesitation she said, “Yes!” “What’s the point?”, she didn’t understand my question and began to explain herself. I stopped her, “If you are […]

Divine Support

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Tokyo, Japan, March 10, 2011. A Japanese woman is looking up at the night. She was looking up at the sky expecting to see stars. She was startled to find a sky full of angels. She was confused by their presence. Then the earthquake hit, the tsunami struck, and she understood. The angels were preparing […]

How I Quit Smoking

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“You must unlearn what you have learned.” -Yoda Learn a New Behavior As much as I love Yoda the only way to unlearn is brain damage. And even that’s not a guaranteed fix. Not something I would recommend anyway. New behaviors are gained by forming new pathways in the brain. The old behavior remains. Forgetfulness […]