Overly Controlling

She slammed both her fist on the table; “How do I fix my relationship!” Me, amused, “Are you going to do this all by yourself.” Without hesitation, “Yes!” “What’s the point?”, her face twisted with confusion. “If you are going to do this all by yourself, then do you really have a relationship with another […]

The Sky Was Full Of Angels

Tokyo, Japan, March 10, 2011. A woman is standing outside enjoying the cool evening air, she looks up at the starry sky. Startled she blinks to clear her mind, but when she opens her eyes she still sees a sky full of angels. Confused? Why?, she wonders.  The next morning the earthquake and tsunami. Nearly […]

How I Quit Smoking

“You must unlearn what you have learned.” -Yoda Learn a New Behavior As much as I love Yoda the only way to unlearn is brain damage. And even that’s not a guaranteed fix. Not something I would recommend anyway. New behaviors are gained by forming new pathways in the brain. The old behavior remains. Forgetfulness […]