Darrell is a professional psychic, medium, and Kahu. A Kahu is the Hawaiian version of a shaman, or healer priest. As a professional psychic he has guided thousands to paths of hope, fulfillment, success, happiness, and prosperity. The messages he receives do not dictate how one should live. Instead the messages and insights he gives his clients empowers them so their own strengths get stronger and weaknesses become assets. His passion is to share the transformative, enriching, and healing, aspects of his work through his blog. He believes prediction is the least effective use of his abilities. Instead he has seen lives change for the better when free will is used to develop balance between heaven and earth.

The Warm Heart Revolution is his mission to increase harmony in the world through the power of a warm heart. In his work he has witnessed the way warmheartedness has the power to change lives for the better. A warm heart can literally improve luck, change destiny, and even improve health.