How I Quit Smoking

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“You must unlearn what you have learned.” -Yoda Learn a New Behavior As much as I love Yoda the only way to unlearn is brain damage. And even that’s not a guaranteed fix. Not something I would recommend anyway. New behaviors are gained by forming new pathways in the brain. The old behavior remains. Forgetfulness […]

Health Tip

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I was coming down with something, achy body, sore throat, slight fever, so I asked my Tai Chi teacher to recommend some herbs to fight it. He told me to fill a glass with water and take a drink until I naturally felt like stopping. Repeat every hour. Is that all? That’s all, he said. […]

Kind Resolve

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It’s ironic the way most New Years resolutions call for action, often extreme action, during a time nature is at rest.  We go against nature and wonder why we quickly lose steam. Resolutions to get in shape, eat better, and drink less alcohol are great, but I think the timing a unrealistic.  It is unrealistic […]