Saying Grace

I am sometimes asked to offer a blessing on food. The request is well meant, but ill educated. It is redundant. The food, the people gathered, the earth, sun, and rain that made the food are the blessings. Grace serves the purpose of recognizing the blessings of the people and the food. Recognizing the blessings of the people and the food should naturally inspire gratitude and appreciation within you. Saying grace is an expression of thankfulness.

Thanksgiving is not a yearly event. It is a daily and hourly event. Any moment you recognize the blessings in your life you also recognize the grace in your life. It takes a clear and humble heart and mind to see that our lives are full of grace, but the instant you do, you are filled with peace and joy.

Universal Love And Service

A friend of mine is a retired Rinzai Zen Buddhist priest and master of ceremonies. He once told me that the great one’s see the whole universe to be their temple. The great ones did not preach only within four walls. He said, “If you consider the whole universe to be your temple, who is not included in your love and service?”