Saying Grace

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I am sometimes asked to offer a blessing on food. The request is well meant, but ill educated. It is redundant. The food, the people gathered, the earth, sun, and rain that made the food are the blessings. Grace serves the purpose of recognizing the blessings of the people and the food. The highest way […]

Careful What You Ask For

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She began talking about her life as soon as we shook hands. Silently, I asked my spirit guides if I should stop her. No, let her talk. At one point about half way through she mentioned a man had asked her to marry. She declined since he wasn’t her type. When she finally stopped she […]

Feeling Overwhelmed?

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When cutting down a big tree, whether you fell it once, or break it down but by bit, you will need to prune the small branches, then the big branches, and then the tree is cut into smaller and smaller pieces and made into lumber, kindling, or saw dust. Then the stump can be uprooted. […]