Pohaku Passage: Growing Through Dark Times

The majority of my work isn’t prediction. It is guidance keeping you in grace and blessings so you avoid, or go easier through, rough times. I have been given predictions when appropriate, when it helps you understand. Of course many people can’t understand and so the rough times happen to them full force. When that happens it sets up the lessons needed to accept guidance in the future. You will have ah ha! moments where you see much more clearly than in the past.

When a client cannot grasp guidance and heads straight into dark times I call this Pohaku Passage. Pohaku is the Hawaiian word for stone which I interpret as po-night or darkness, in which the ha-spirit learns to ku-stand or be upright. The dark time is a rite of passage where you are strengthened.

Sometimes the darkness isn’t happening directly to you as when a parent, spouse, or child gets sick or goes through a dark time of their own. These are still times of Pohaku Passage where you learn to be strong for others. Your compassion and kindness are strengthened and your heart softens.

Prediction during dark times rarely helps. It’s like you are about to crash into a wall and someone tells you the obvious. During dark times it is best to learn to surrender. Surrendering as a spiritual practice is not giving up and feeling helpless; it is the ability to flow with a higher vibration like skillfully maneuvering river rapids on a raft versus being in the water flailing, being pulled under and crashing into boulders and trees. Surrendering is learning to go with the flow, but also learning to choose the right flow.

When you are facing dark times keep repeating to yourself, “It will all work out,” like a mantra. Let those words bring you ease. Trust that things will work out even if you cannot see how at the moment. If you believe in God then say, “God will work everything out perfectly.” If you want you can replace God with Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, the Tao, the Universe. Give it a shot you have nothing to lose but doubt.

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  1. May

    A-ha and amene!!

    • May

      Just following up on my first post:
      Many of us want a psychic forecast, however, what we need is intuitive guidance. Thank you!

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