You see yourself as a reflection in a mirror, the sky on a still lake, the moon on a calm ocean, street lights on wet pavement. Most people have had an experience but don’t know it to be a reflection of God. As children many of you, while gazing at a clear blue sky, a starry night, lapping waves, rustling leaves have dropped into a reverie and felt completely at peace. That peace is a piece of God. A state of heavenly grace. We are reminded of our souls source. This is another kind of reflection where we experience the divine reflected in all of creation.

Today’s busy life crowds out time for reflection. Reflection isn’t just for seeing what is around you, it is also for seeing what is within. Just as it is difficult to see our own faces without a mirror, it is also difficult to see our souls. Calm moments of solitude allow the soul to come to the surface of our consciousness. Any blank surface like a crystal ball, pool of water, blank wall allows the mind to still and the soul to be seen.

The difficult thing is that this state of calmness cannot be forced. It must be allowed to happen naturally. In today’s world there is very little humans do naturally. We have to learn practically everything from making love to raising children so letting something come natural, well, it isn’t natural. Reflection is a natural process. You don’t need to learn it, you need to let it happen, like daydreaming. So get really real and take some time to be natural, reflect, and get to know your soul.