Return to the Ha

Returning to the Ha

Always return to the ha. The ha is the breath of life.  It is spirit. During your day, as you work, especially as you face difficult situations, notice your breathing. Don’t try to control your breath. Simply notice it. You can do this by silently saying in when inhaling, and out when exhaling, by feel the air against your throat or in your nose, or by being aware of the rise and fall of your belly or chest. Saying in and out is less thinking and more like repeating a mantra or oli (chant).

In Hawaii we notice the breath as being connected to the na’au. The na’au is located in the lower belly below the navel. Na is a plural form in the Hawaiian language, Au means I, me, myself. Na’au can be interpreted as from where I am connected to everything. With your awareness to your na’au silently say na on the inhale and au on the exhale. You are returning to the awareness of breath and body. This reunites body and mind. It brings you back to yourself and your connection to spirit and life.

Don’t struggle with it or try to perfect it. Just return to awareness of the ha. This is not a method for ignoring or running away from discomfort, instead it is for holding the discomfort or struggle in a peaceful presence of mind. Over time you will become stronger in ha or spirit.