Valentine’s Day Part 2

If you’re really stuck on finding romance you are actually working against yourself. It’s similar to trying to get pregnant, at least in America. Many women in America spend so much time building their careers that by the time they are ready to have children their bodies are not. There is a huge fertility business in America. Often after a couple have tried everything, and given up on having a baby, is when they get pregnant.

I know of countless couples who have given up getting pregnant, adopted a child, and then got pregnant naturally. Almost as many couples gave up getting pregnant and started planning for a life without a baby only then to get pregnant. It seems that when a couple doesn’t try to have a baby, relaxes, and lets nature take its course that they get pregnant.

This is why in Part 1 Of this series I suggested you do anything but focus on finding romance. Sometimes just going out and enjoying life makes you more attractive, but even here you don’t want to try to enjoy life. Don’t make it a job or mission. Be authentic. Be real. That’s why I didn’t say anything about attracting romance last time. If you thought it was some kind of technique or method for attracting love you would not be authentic or real. Then you certainly would not be attractive because being fake is never attractive.

So go out and enjoy life. Do something meaningful. Do something that warms your heart. Let your spirit shine naturally. Have such a good time that you forget about finding love or attracting a mate. This is the best way to find true love.

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