Valentine’s Day Part 3

Let’s say you do meet someone. What now? Relax. Seriously. Relax. If you try to hard you will become unnatural and the person will not experience the real you. If they don’t get to know the real you then who are they dating? An illusion. Without meaning to you will be fake. Then you will not know who you are dating either. The other person will assume they are responding and relating to you when they are relating to who you think you should be to impress them or get them to like you. Without meaning to be you are dishonest. Like a ninja trying to accomplish a mission.

Love is not a military mission. Love is honest. Love takes time to grow and changes like the seasons. Every winter is the same and different at the same time. Life and love evolve. Evolution is natural. There is a yin and yang balance. We can appreciate or fight against the way life changes.

In Japan Cherry Blossom or sakura season is fleeting. The flowers are very fragile. Sometimes right after they bloom a heavy rain comes a takes them all down. At other times the weather is gentle and the flowers may stay for weeks. This fragile fleeting beauty is one of the reasons the flower is so special to Japanese. It reminds them that life is fleeting and so you should enjoy the beauty of it while you can. Every sakura season is the same but different, and yet always beautiful. Each day and each season is the same.

Go with the flow, but choose the flow. Avoid the flow of anxiety and stress. Choose the flow of joy, serenity and relaxation. Be thankful for a relationship even if it might not last. Any experience is valuable and adds to your life. Of course don’t let yourself be used or taken advantage of. Be sensible. Respect yourself. This is why being authentic and real is important. The more grounded you are the less chances you will be fooled by anyone else. So keep a journal. When you write something down that bothers you or raises a red flag about the other erosion or yourself you will see it better than if it stays a passing thought. Your intuition will signal you and you will catch it. Hopefully if you have followed my advice till now you won’t get into a bad situation, but if you do you will be better prepared to catch it and take the right course of action. Again being relaxed will help you meet the best people or alert you to a bad choice.

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