Valentines Day Part 1

Soon it will be Valentine’s Day. Few people know that it is named after a saint. Most people think of Valentine’s Day as a day of romance. Like Christmas Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show love, not just to romantic partners, but to all sentient beings. So if you are getting depressed because you don’t have a special romantic someone to share Valentine’s Day with don’t give up yet. Think of people, or even animals and plants, in your life that have meaning to you. Do something nice for them. Part of romance is giving and seeing your special someone happy.

There is little known about Saint Valentine other than he was martyred. He died for love. Thankfully we don’t have to die to show our love. We can share happiness because other people in the past, have of themselves or gave themselves, they sacrificed for us today. Keeping the spirit of giving alive is a good practice. If giving makes you tired it is not true altruistic giving. Real giving is energizing. Don’t just take my word for it. Think of a time you did something for someone and afterward you felt great. If you’ve never had the feeling it’s never too late. Go out and do something for someone. It can be something as small as paying for their coffee.

Go out and do something joyful. Think of something that feels good to do like visit animals in a zoo or humane society, children in the hospital or seniors in a care home. You could do what Buddhist do and buy fish from a pet store and set them free in a river or pond, but first check with your local government to be sure those fish won’t disturb the local ecosystem. You could even feed birds in a park. Get the spirit of love and giving moving inside of you in a positive way and it just may bring you great luck in other areas of your life. If nothing else it will bring a smile to your face.

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