You Are A Blessing: Part 1

Nearly everyone says or feels it when gazing upon a new born; What a blessing! Immediately thereafter human education begins and depending on your luck of the draw, karma, fate, whatever you either learn to respect, honor, and make the most of the blessing or you end up in therapy, rehab, prison, prematurely dead, or spiritually seeking. If the stars were fucked up when you were born and you landed in a shit hole whether that shit hole was parents who where abusive to you, themselves or both, parents who spoiled you into helplessness and insecurity, parents so strict you ended up with a good degree and well paying job that you hated, well meaning parents who also led you to a good degree and a well paying job that you hated, or the all to rare well adjusted parents who raised you to be boringly well adjusted, it doesn’t matter. All paths lead back to the same premise, you are a blessing. On the off chance you were born to loving and wise people who nurtured your sense of blessing allowing you to actualize yourself, um, why are you reading this?

To be continued.