You Are A Blessing Part 2

The thing about being a blessing is noticing that everyone and everything else is too. You realize there is nothing special about being a blessing, and yet, everything is special about being a blessing. When you look at everything and everyone, including yourself, as a blessing it changes everything. And it changes nothing. So what the point? It’s not a point. It’s a power. One of the real and true powers we have is perspective. We can either look at everything as an offense or a gift. We can be the pawns and victims of life, the universe, God, whatever or we can be the benefactors of challenges that bring the seeds of opportunities.

Truth is I’ve yet to meet a life without stresses and challenges. And even that reality can be disheartening and distressing or encouraging. We can take it as life is a constant struggle that will never get better or that since everyone struggles we can get better and stronger in our ability to face struggles. Life favors no one and yet we have the power to favor life. We must use our intelligence to interpret things in a way that allows us to create solutions. Without a clear goal our heart has no where to focus its immense power. Used in harmony with our intellect the heart will rally the body and spirit to amazing and heroic accomplishments.

Try this. For one day think of everything you see and everyone you meet as a blessing. Oh it’s easy with the obviously beautiful things like flowers, birds, trees, the sky, but with situations and people who threaten, annoy, and irritate the crap out of us it is much more difficult to see it or them as a blessing. But if you can gain the mental and spiritual muscle to see the blessing in everything you will astound yourself with your own strength.

One thought on “You Are A Blessing Part 2

  1. Sandra

    This is true and takes practice. For example, no one looks at traffic as a blessing, but the most common reason people are in traffic is because they are going to work. What would happen of you don’t have that job to go to? Then you’d have other issues to deal with. I’d rather be sitting in traffic going to work then worrying about how to make ends meet. I’ve shared that with friends and of course, no one of shared that with thinks traffic could be a blessing. But, the blessings are having a way to earn a living, having a car or means of transportation, but still it takes practice to look at things like that and see a blessing. I don’t care for traffic, but I certainly still feel blessed that I have a job, that I have a car, and the mere fact that I can drive. Just sharing…

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